Protect one of the most potentially vulnerable entryways in your home with custom steel window well covers in Denver by Liberty Home Products. They do not interfere with ventilation or light, and they are safe for homes with children and pets.

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Reminders for Orders

  • Take advantage of the $400 per cover price for two or more orders of up to 76 x 42-in.
  • There is a $100 charge for the measurement, delivery, and installation of single orders or one window well cover.
  • Lead time is 4 to 6 weeks since measurements can take up to 3 weeks. Properties in Colorado Springs need an additional 1 week.

Product Options

Window Well Cover Colors

Choose from the following selection of nine distinct colors for your window well covers:

  • Black
  • Bronze
  • Charcoal Gray
  • Sandstone
  • Bronze Hammerstone
  • Coppervein
  • Silvervein
  • Silver Hammerstone
  • Rust 
Window Well Cover

Check out the secure window well covers we’ve installed in properties across Colorado.

The powder-coated finish that our window well covers come with have several benefits, including the following:

  • Thermofused polyester powder-coat finish outperforms all other painted finishes in durability and appearance
  • Resists sun fade and rust for years
  • Superior resistance to chipping, marring, and scratching
  • Provides a richer, more uniform finish
  • Excellent protection against wind, rain, sun, and snow

Window Well Cover Features

Professionally Measured and Installed

Experts with years of experience and the best tools for the job handle the measurement and installation.

Child- and Pet-Safe

Our window well covers are safe for use in properties with children and pets.


All our products are proudly made in Colorado with materials that are locally sourced.

Allows Maximum Ventilation and Light

These covers do not obstruct the flow of ventilation nor prevent light from coming in.

Supports Over 550 Pounds

Steel construction makes these covers strong and durable.

Guaranteed Fit

Custom fitting ensures a snug and precise fit every time.

Custom Security Add-Ons

Security Lock Down Chains ($30.00) – Security chains prevent anyone on the exterior of your home from lifting up your well covers to enter through the window. Adversely, in the case of an emergency escape, the Security Chains release easily from the interior of the wall with a quarter turn to the left or right.

Back Extension ($50.00) – If your window extends above the height of your well, a Back Extension will provide complete coverage up to the window itself.

Back Riser ($100.00) – If your window extends above the height of your well, a Back Riser will provide your window with full protection using the same expanded steel mesh as is on the Well Cover (Maximum Window Height of 14″).

Emergency Escape Hatch ($250.00) – A 24″ x 36″ hinged escape hatch installed in the center of your well cover. In the case of an emergency escape the hatch acts as a lighter and easier alternative to lifting up the entire well cover.

Emergency Escape Ladder ($100.00 -$150.00) *Dependent on Ladder Size – Liberty offers three heights of Escape Ladders for Window Wells at different depths.

Window Well Cover Pricing

Take advantage of our competitive pricing. We control all phases of fabrication, delivery, and installation of our products right here in Colorado. This allows us to offer you the best prices for our high-quality window well covers:

Standard Size (up to 76×42-in)

  • Pricing without chains – $400
  • Pricing with chains – $430

Get in touch with us for window wells larger than 76×42-in.

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About Our Custom Steel Window Well Covers

Window wells make it possible for you to bring more air, light, and life into your home. These home improvement installations also provide an escape option in case of fire, floods, or other emergencies.

Liberty Home Products offers a large selection of custom steel window well covers guaranteed to protect your family, pets and home on the inside and outside of your home. Take your pick from our selection of window well covers, which are available in different shapes, sizes, and styles.

Each of our window well covers are custom made to perfectly fit the size and shape of your window well and allow light to pass through. We also offer optional hasps which can only be opened from the inside.

A Trusted Team by Your Side

Our team visits your home to help you find the perfect solution. We walk you through the different security features of our custom window well covers in Denver, Co. If you wish to customize your window well cover, just let us know. We’ll have our team make the adjustments.

Once you are satisfied with the fit, we get to work. Our technicians will take care of the installation. If any of our products require repair, don’t worry; we’ll take care of that, too. We service our own window well covers and also keep a stock of available replacement parts on hand.

The Need for Protection

Most people don’t realize that basement windows can allow easy access for thieves into a home, and these windows are usually easy to open by an intruder. As well, an uncovered window well can be a serious danger to your children or animals, allowing adults and children to easily trip on the short, metal lip around the open pit and fall up to six feet. Window wells can collect rain, snow, leaves or grass, which will ultimately affect the foundation of your home. Protect your home and family with custom steel window well covers from Liberty Home Products.

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