Frequently Asked Questions

Liberty Home Products believes that every purchase should be made only after you have sufficient information to make a sound decision. We want our customers to be satisfied whenever they use our products and services. But how can you, our client, be sure of your purchase?

There is power in knowledge, we always say. That’s why we encourage you to ask.

We’ve compiled a couple of our clients’ frequently asked questions (FAQs) in one section. Check out our FAQs to learn more about awnings, shades, and security products. We also address your concerns about our installation and repair services. Learn more about what you can get by browsing the FAQs.

If you still have more questions, talk to us. Our friendly experts and technicians are happy to be of service. For example, if you have more questions about our installation process, our technicians will take you through each step. Do you have concerns about our customization requirements? Speak with our experts about it.