Fully enclose your outdoor deck or patio for year-round use with Liberty’s most secure Zipper Shade system. Our custom-made Zipper Shades can instantly provide your outdoor space with protection from heat, wind and pesky insects. Designed in Denver, CO our shades are manufactured to be used throughout Colorado’s four seasons.

Zipper Shades provide the most wind rigidity of any exterior shade offered in Colorado. Each shade is custom made for the space it will be installed upon and can reach up to 20 feet wide with a 12 foot drop for a single shade. Liberty’s zipper track system locks the UV resistant fabric in place allowing them to take the brunt of Colorado’s strongest wind gusts. 

The zipper track also ensures that your shade will have no gaps between the fabric and the track system. This designs creates a true enclosure for your space that allows for additional protection against harmful UV rays, insects and provides additional privacy. 

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