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Protect your outdoor space and leisure time from the Colorado elements with beautiful and durable patio sun and windscreens from Liberty Home Products. They also provide additional privacy for your property. All our products are professionally measured, installed, and serviced. They are proudly made in Colorado.

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Patio Sun and Wind Screens

Check out the patio sun and windscreens we’ve installed in properties across Colorado.

Patio Sun and Windscreen Features

Professionally Measured and Installed

Our crews have years of experience under their belts and utilize top-of-the-line equipment to measure and install your patio sun and windscreens.

Proudly Colorado-made

All Liberty Home Products are made in the state using locally sourced materials.

Prices Start at $660

Our sun and windscreens are a long-term, cost-effective investment to keep your outdoor space comfy and safe.


Our products enhance the privacy of your outdoor area without sacrificing the view.

Wind Protection

Protect your property from strong gusts and gales.

Sun Protection

Keep harmful UV rays away from your family and furnishings with our products.

Unparalleled Comfort

Your outdoor space will stay cool and comfortable all year.

Product Options

Patio Sun and Windscreen Colors

These patio sun and windscreens come in four different fabric colors to match the aesthetics of your outdoor space and your property as a whole.

  • Black
  • Almond
  • Gray
  • Tobacco

Frame Colors

The frames can also match your patio sun and windscreens and your property with three different color options:

  • Almond
  • Walnut
  • White
Solar Shade Frame Colors

Customizable Options

  • Choice of Blackout, 95% or 90% Fabric Blockage
  • Option to Upgrade to a Motorized Retractable System
  • Option to Upgrade to a Somfy Remote Control for the Motorized Retractable System
  • Available Lock Down System to Secure Patio Screens

Maintain a comfortable temperature in your outdoor space while protecting your family and property from UV damage. We customize our sun and wind screens to stand up to the sun’s harmful UV rays.

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Browse our collection of solar shade products and make your outdoor area more comfortable and private for your family and guests. We offer user-friendly patio sun shades that provide control over how much sunlight or breeze goes into your space.

Add our top-quality sun and wind screens to your yard and turn your outdoor area into an extension of your home during bright and cool days.

Keep Cool in the Summer with Patio Solar Shades

Patio solar shades are a cost-effective way to deal with excessive sunlight. Like interior shades, they absorb the heat of the sun so that it doesn’t go through. Patio solar shades also block UVA and UVB rays from damaging your skin and your furniture. As such, you can bask in sunlight without baking in the heat.

Durable Against the Elements

Boost the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor area with our patio shades and coverings. They are a perfect addition to any alfresco occasion and are durable enough to keep out the breeze and shield your property from the sometimes harsh Denver sunlight.

Liberty sun and wind shades do more than just shield your outdoor space from the sun. Our systems also feature superior glare control. Our sun shades limit the amount of glare that filters through so you can comfortably work on your computer and enjoy a sense of privacy while relishing the beauty of your outdoor space.

Hassle-free Installation and Repairs

Our team will come to your home to help design the ideal system for your needs. We leave no stone unturned and go over our products, their features, and our customization options with you. After deciding on the best fit for your property, we measure your outdoor space, fabricate the shades to your custom specifications, and finally dispatch our factory trained technicians to install the sun and wind screens onto your patio.

If you require replacement or repairs, we can do that too. We stand behind our shades with our own warranties, backed by our in-house service department. We fix damaged sun shades and keep replacement parts available in inventory so you never have to worry.

Innovative, Smart Features

We offer user-friendly automated and manual control systems. With a turn of a handle or a push of a button, you can limit or increase the amount of shade that goes into your outdoor space.

We can also equip your sun shades with smart features — our outdoor sun shades motor connect into your smartphone so you can operate them using your mobile device.

Add durable, easy-to-install, and smart shades to your home’s exterior today. Get in touch with us for a free in-home estimate.

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