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Liberty Home Products is proud to present to you our signature series of retractable awnings and solar shades.

Shades, canopies, and patio awnings in Denver offer the perfect solution to common outdoor space dilemmas: saving energy at home, creating shelter and shade, and adding value to the house.

Whether you desire more enjoyable outdoor living space or need protection from the sun while lowering energy costs, look no further that Liberty Home Products’ line of exceptional, custom-made shade solutions!

Protection from the Sun

Our line of shade products protect your home from the sun’s harmful UV rays and pay for themselves year after year in reduced energy bills and protection of your furnishings from harmful UV rays that may cause fading. Our multi-purpose retractable awnings are the ideal outdoor shade. They enable you and your loved ones to have fun outside even when the sun is high.

Our awnings and shades also extend the life of your outdoor furniture. These installations protect furniture from direct exposure to the sun and other weather conditions. Awnings can also prevent UV rays from damaging indoor flooring and furniture.

Extend your Living Space

With our patio awnings, it is easier to extend your living space into the backyard. The affordable extension offers the illusion of more space, which enhances your home’s curb appeal. It also provides an additional room for pool parties and other celebrations.

If you are looking for local awning companies in Denver, look no further. Liberty House Products is at your service. Our selection of awnings and shades carry the perfect solution for your home.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our products and services.

The Perfect Awnings to Match Denver Weather

Denver has an interesting mix of seasons that seem to change every 15 minutes. With a lot of sunshine and warm air throughout the year, combined with constant temperature swings and the occasional snowstorm, the weather keeps you on your toes. Our shade solutions are built to withstand the city’s year-round weather, so let us know what type of shades, canopies, or awnings you need.

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