How To Choose the Right Solar Window Shades for Your Home

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Are you tired of the harsh sunlight penetrating through the windows in the summer? The sunlight streaming in can create a glare on your television and raise the temperature in your home. If the answer is yes, then you might consider investing in quality solar window shades.

Solar shades are a great window treatment investment for any home. Not only do they help keep your home cooler and reduce energy costs, but they can also minimize the amount of ultraviolet (UV) rays that enter your home. This is especially important if your house has a lot of windows, as a lot of harmful UV rays from the sun can fade carpets, furniture, and curtains.

But with so many types, materials, and designs available in the market, picking solar window shades can be a process. If you’re considering adding solar window shades, it’s important to choose the best ones to get the right look for your home and the maximum benefit. Keep reading to learn more about choosing the right solar window shade system for your home.

Select the right color and design

Homes in a neighborhood are of different colors and styles and require various types of window coverings.

Solar window shades offer a great solution to help block out sunlight, reduce indoor temperatures, and control the lighting and privacy of your home. However, style and color are among the most important factors to consider when choosing solar window shades. It’s important to find solar shades that will match the architectural design of your property. The right color and design can add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your home.

The architectural style of your home can play a significant role in choosing the most suitable solar shades. For instance, if you have a modern or minimalist home design, you may want to choose a darker shade color or a sleek and simple design that will complement your home’s aesthetics. On the other hand, if you have a traditional or classic architectural design, you may want to go with neutral colors or warm earthy tones that blend with the natural aesthetics of your home.

Additionally, when choosing your window shades, be sure to think about the color and design of your walls, floors, and furniture. You can choose shades that either blend with your decor or make a bold statement by creating a contrast in colors and patterns. There are fabric colors ranging from black and almond as well as frame colors like walnut or white to consider. Picking solar window shades that are the right color and design can create a sense of harmony and balance in your home’s overall design.

Consider the level of darkness

Direct sunlight shines through a window in the morning to create a distracting glare.

Another important factor that you’ll want to consider when choosing a solar window shade is the level of darkness you want in your home. The amount of darkness needed will vary based on your personal preference and the amount of sunlight you want to let into your home. These shades are designed to reflect heat away from the house and can lower temperatures by as much as 20 degrees. It’s vital to choose the right shade that will meet your needs and improve the comfort of your house.

When thinking about the ideal level of darkness, you should consider how your home receives sunlight throughout the day. If you have windows that face the east or west, you probably have the most intense sunlight either during the morning or late afternoon. In this case, a shade with a higher level of darkness may be ideal. But, if your windows face the north or south, you may want to choose a lighter shade to maximize natural light in your home.

When thinking about solar shades for your home, you can select different levels of blackout capabilities. This is a decision that can greatly impact the comfort and energy efficiency of your living space, so you’ll want to choose carefully. By considering the amount of direct sunlight your home receives throughout the day, as well as your personal preferences, picking solar window shades that are right for your home can transform your living space into a comfortable and inviting oasis.

Choose between automated or manual control systems

A remote control that makes solar shades completely automatic sits on a table.

When choosing your solar shades, you’ll likely have the option of selecting an automated or manual control system. You’ll want to weigh both of these options and choose the right one for you. The best system will be the one that fits your budget, personal preferences, and style.

Automated control systems are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners who want to have complete control over their window shades without having to adjust them throughout the day manually. With integrated remote control technology, these systems can be programmed and set on a timer for complete automation.

An automated system is also especially convenient, as it can be controlled with smart home voice assistants and other devices. However, these systems are generally more expensive than manual control systems, so you’ll need to consider your budget.

Manual control systems, on the other hand, are a more affordable option for homeowners who want to enjoy the benefits of solar window shades with simpler controls. They’re easy to install and don’t require any electrical wiring or other installations. These systems are easy to use as a pull cord or a wand operates them.

However, manual control systems do require you to physically adjust the shades throughout the day, which can be inconvenient for some homeowners. Ultimately, the choice between automated or manual control systems will depend on your personal preferences, budget, and lifestyle.

Solar window shades are an excellent investment for homeowners who want to improve energy efficiency, indoor comfort, and privacy. Choosing the right solar shades involves considering factors such as material, color, and opacity to ensure they match your requirements while complementing the aesthetic value of your home.
Picking solar window shades for your home is a matter of balancing your personal taste with the functional purpose they serve. You can get a free in-home estimate and start enjoying a cooler, more comfortable interior space free of damaging UV rays.