How Solar Shades Can Save You Money On Your Energy Bills

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Summer is a fun time for many, as kids enjoy a break from school and families have fun on nice beach vacations. Along with the sun and fun, however, also comes rising energy costs to try and beat the summer heat. During the height of summer, when the sun feels the hottest, your home air conditioning can offer a blissful retreat from the heat of the day. However, with rising energy costs, running your HVAC nonstop will have you boiling when you get your utility bills. According to 30 percent of residential heating energy is lost through windows. In cooling seasons, about 76 percent of sunlight that falls on standard double-pane windows enters to become heat.

One of the biggest expenses any homeowner faces on a daily basis is energy use. During the summer months, your home’s energy consumption can add up quickly as you try to combat the heat. Given that your AC usage can account for about 12 percent of your yearly energy costs, it’s imperative that you seek cost-cutting measures. Exterior window coverings provide a simple way to save money and conserve energy while making your home more comfortable!

There are many types of window treatments to choose from and each type has a different level of insulation and protection against ultraviolet (UV) rays. Exterior window shades and window blinds are normally regarded for their aesthetics and privacy. They give your home interior a finished look, protect you from glare, and help keep your space comfortable. But interior window shades and blinds are limited in what they can do. This is why homeowners are turning to solar shades to block out the sun and keep their homes comfortable.

A solar shade covers a large window blocking out harmful UV rays.

What are solar shades?

Home solar screens or shades are a popular and growing home improvement option that can reduce energy costs and increase the comfort of your home. Sun shades are made of a lightweight PVC coated fiberglass fabric that’s designed to block out ultraviolet radiation and between 75 percent to 99 percent of radiant heat from the sun while being completely fade, tear and weather resistant. This helps reduce the amount of heat that’s absorbed by the windows in your home, providing unmatched relief for your home HVAC system

Exterior sun shades are available in a range of colors, fabrics, and styles to match any home’s decor. You can find a color and design for your shades that match the architectural style of your property. Additionally, the design features of your shades will not just complement your home’s exterior, but they’ll also impress your guests, too. When you install retractable outdoor sun shades, you can extend and retract your shades as you wish. With just a turn of a handle or the push of a button, you can enjoy natural light while effortlessly controlling the amount of sunlight that enters your home.

The shades are mounted on the outside of your windows in a retractable protective housing with a track on either side keeping the fabric in place. In most cases, you can upgrade to a motorized retractable system to provide comfort and protection with relative ease. The fabric of the shades is designed to block out the significant majority of UV radiation and residual heat from the sun while still allowing some natural sunlight to pass through. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of natural light while still providing protection from the heat and glare of direct sunlight. You can opt for a fabric that blocks out 90%, 95% or 100% of damaging UV rays. External solar shades provide much greater protection and energy efficiency than standard interior window treatments alone.

How do sun shades reduce energy bills?

A power meter displays the potential energy savings that solar shades can provide.

Solar window shades are a great way to reduce your energy costs while still enjoying all of the benefits of natural light. By blocking out the majority of UV radiation, these shades can reduce the amount of heat that’s absorbed by your windows. Ultraviolet rays are a type of energy that comes from the sun. Direct sunlight rays are invisible to the human eye, but they can have a huge impact on the temperature of your home, making it significantly warmer.

The way that UV rays heat your home is through a process known as absorption. When UV rays hit a surface, the energy is absorbed and converted into heat. This heat then radiates into the room, warming it up. This process starts with your windows and can spread to furniture, flooring, and other surfaces coming into contact with the UV rays. It’s estimated that 76 percent of sunlight turns into heat inside your home. Solar screens can block out a majority of the solar radiation and can make a room as much as 20 degrees cooler.

When you factor in the already sweltering temperatures of the summer with the impacts of UV rays, before you know it, you’re blasting the AC to keep your space comfortable. However, as a result of the reduced solar radiation entering your home, you can minimize your dependency on air conditioning. By blocking the direct sunlight that enters your home through windows and reducing heat gain, you can increase the temperature of your AC settings.

Are solar screens worth it?

Solar shades are a relatively low-cost investment compared to other types of window treatments and energy-efficient upgrades. Although there will be a small upfront cost for sun shade installation, the long-term savings are worth it. Solar shades are regarded as among the most economical solutions to solar shading/heat gain issues. Solar screens can help you save hundreds of dollars annually on your energy bill by reducing your reliance on air conditioning systems.

When you consider the rising cost of energy along with hot summer temperatures, many homeowners quickly realize the financial benefits of solar window shades. During the summer months, your air conditioning system can use around 3,000 watts per hour. To put it in perspective, burning 3,000 watts per hour is the equivalent of having 50 standard light bulbs turned on at the same time.

Once you have solar screen window coverings installed on your home, they’re capable of reducing utility bills by as much as 30 percent. A 30 percent savings on energy bills will free up a significant amount of money that can be used in a myriad of ways at your discretion. Solar sun shades are an excellent choice for energy-efficient home improvement and will yield significant savings on utility bills while making your home more livable and comfortable on a daily basis.

Solar screens are an easy and affordable way to reduce your energy costs and increase the comfort of your home. With a range of colors, fabrics, and styles to choose from, you can easily find a set of window coverings that will fit your home’s decor and protect your space from the sun’s heat. Whether you’re looking to save money on your energy bills or to make your home more comfortable, solar shades are a great solution. Contact us today for a free estimate, and let one of our friendly and experienced sales consultants find the best custom solution for your home.