Shade and Security Products Produced Just for Your Pueblo Home

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Patio awnings, canopies and shades do more than just create shade and add a shelter to your Pueblo home; they can also help you save on your energy usage and add value to your property. Whatever your sun and shade home comfort and functionality goals are, Liberty Home Products has a product that will help you meet them. Since many of our offerings come in different options, styles, colors and custom sizes, you’ll be able to get a product in exactly the shade you have in mind.

We offer retractable awnings, canopies and solar shades that will preserve your view while keeping your cooling costs down. When you block harmful UV sun rays from your home with one of our shade products, you are protecting your family and even your furniture; the sun’s rays can discolor and fade your pieces over time. We can also repair, recover and service many pre-existing awnings thanks to our experience in this area of more than three decades.

Steel Security Products: Safeguarding Your Home Today and Tomorrow

Even in the best neighborhoods, it pays to have security features added to your home. Our steel security products are made right in Colorado and can boost your existing safety measures for your peace of mind while keeping your home looking its best.

Custom Security Doors

Steel security doors offer the best of both worlds: added home defense with a distinct dash of style. Choose from more than 70 unique styles and custom options to get the look you want your home to have. Your door will be made to fit in the style and tone you’re envisioning as part of your overall exterior design.

Window Well Covers

You no longer have to worry about a child, family member or furry friend falling into a window well once you have these attractive custom steel window well covers. They can handle up to 500 pounds and are available in a variety of colors. Our expert measurement and installation team will ensure your cover fits exactly as it should in your well space.

Custom Steel Window Guards and Gates

With our custom steel window gates and guards, you can have the peace of mind you’ve been looking for without sacrificing your home’s curbside appeal. Fire-compliant and customized to fit any opening, these steel guards and gates come in a myriad of styles and colors to meet all your needs. Gone are the days of “jail”-style window guards; you can add a trendy flair to your home’s defense system today.

Retractable Awnings

With a retractable awning, you can have shade when you want it and sunlight when you don’t. Your family will be kept nice and cool as the average temperature decrease underneath one of these awnings is 15 to 20 degrees, which is a lifesaver during Colorado summers. Our professionally measured and installed retractable awnings will fit your space the proper way and are produced right here in Colorado. They also come with a limited warranty to safeguard your investment.

There are hundreds of fabric styles you can choose for your awning. We also have numerous valance options, so you will have a unique look that matches your design style. Our Tanera sewing thread is resistant to color fading from the sun, acid rain and even household cleaning chemicals, resulting in an attractive awning to enjoy for years to come. These awnings come with a Thermofused polyester powder-coat finish for the frame, which is resistant to rust and the sun’s rays for years and holds up against marring, chipping and scratching.

Shade Solutions Made for Pueblo

Pueblo, Colorado, tends to have less snowfall than other major cities in the state, so it makes sense that you want to get more use out of your outdoor space. Sitting in a high desert terrain with sunshine close to 78 percent of the year on average, this “City of Excellence” has hot summers with temperatures that often exceed 90 degrees. Temperatures at those high marks can make sitting outside difficult, even if you have a lot of outdoor space, so you can use an awning to reclaim part of your backyard. Our shades will help reduce those cooling bills you’re stuck with during the hotter months, and they’ll also shield you and your family from the sun’s harmful UV rays when you’re inside your home.

Relaxing outside before heading to the Colorado State Fair to catch the Pueblo Chile Eating Contest is a great way to cool down before things heat up, and it’s much easier to do when you’ve got ready-made shade on hand. Invest in an awning so you can enjoy the warm weather outside your doors, and use our solar shades to stay cool when you’re inside.

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